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All Parking at Silver Creek Ski Area Requires a Parking Permit
Parking permits are required on all vehicles while parking within the Silver Creek Ski Area.  Lodging guests staying at Silver Creek will be provided a parking pass.   All other guests, including other Snowshoe property owners and lodging guests staying at other complexes, will be required to pay a fee while parking at the Silver Creek Ski Area. See the Silver Creek Parking Lot Facebook page for up to date information. 
The Silver Creek parking areas are controlled by the Silver Creek Homeowner’s Association. Paid parking was instituted to ensure that Silver Creek homeowners and their lodging guests received maximum satisfaction while lodging at Silver Creek.  Season parking permits are available for others that may visit Silver Creek on multiple occasions. It is recommended that all mountain guests take advantage of the free shuttle service. 

The parking lot has three different lots and rate tiers:
Red Spruce Lots:  Red Spruce consists of two lots that are the most economically priced. These two lots are primarily used by day use guests, employees, and season parking pass holders.

Blue Spruce Lots:  Blue Spruce consists of three lots that are the mid-priced lots and are used primarily by Silver Creek property owners, registered friends and family, and Silver Creek rental guests. A limited number of day use guest passes may be available for sale based upon occupancy.

Slope Side Lot:  The Slope Side lot is premium parking and will have the highest daily parking fee.   Silver Creek property owners may pay an upgrade fee to use this lot. A limited number of upgrades and season parking permits are available.

Guests arriving during peak periods may experience traffic congestion and delayed entry to Silver Creek. We ask that all arriving guests familiarize themselves with the parking options available. See Day Use Parking Fees and Parking Map.
The parking attendant may not have the most current operating times, snow activity pricing, slope conditions, etc. Please visit or call 304-572-1000 for all your questions prior to your arrival.
There is a convenient, complimentary
15 minute parking area located in front of the Silver Creek Lodge for skier drop off, rental pickup and return, and Kid’s World check-in. Vehicles parked more than 15 minutes in this designated parking area may be immobilized and an immobilization fee charged. 
All Rental Agents and Self Renting Owners must familiarize themselves with the current Parking Policy, Amenity Fee Policy and Rates, Parking Forms and other pertinent information. See Rental Agent Page (Login Authentication Required)

Please see the FAQs and the Parking Policy for more information