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Upcoming Regular Board Meeting
The Silver Creek Board of Directors will be holding their regular scheduled board meeting starting at 9am on Saturday the 27th of March.  Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the board is allowing participation via zoom for the upcoming meeting.  Any owners wishing to attend may do so by requesting a link from Mike Hajzer 304-572-6952 or at, the link will be provided by the evening of Friday the 26th.
The meeting is a meeting of the board and not to be confused as the Homeowner Meeting whereas owners can address the board.  All other meetings of the board the owners must request to have an item on the agenda at least 30 days prior to the meeting.  
Thank you
The Silver Creek Executive Board.  

Guests Visiting Silver Creek & Indoor Face Mandate
On the 14th day of November effective 12:01am Governor Justice issues Executive Order 77-20 as follows:
All Individuals age 9 and over within the State of WV shall wear an adequate face covering when in confined, indoor spaces where other individuals may be present, regardless of one's perceived ability to social distance from other individuals. 
Such face covering shall not be required when in one's residence, when individuals are able to physically isolate in physically separated office or other space when no others are present, or when actively engaged in the consumption of food and/or beverage.
Businesses and organizations that invite the public into their facilities shall require compliance with the terms of this Order, shall post adequate signage notifying patrons of the requirements of the Order, and shall enforce the same on their premises. 

Children younger than two years old, anyone who has trouble breathing, and anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the face covering without assistance should not wear face coverings, and, therefore, such young children, persons who would have trouble breathing through a face covering, and persons who would be unable to remove the face covering without assistance are exempt from the Mandate.  
If you are a guest that is planning to stay at Silver Creek Lodge, the following measures have been adopted as part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.   Please read the COVID-19 Building Policy and observe the restrictions set about by the Governor of WV and Silver Creek Lodge.  

If you have not signed up for the owner portion of the Silver Creek website, please do so by clicking on the "Register" link on the upper, left side of this page. By signing up you will have access to items such as Board Minutes, Newsletters, Financials, Governing Documents, forms, rate schedules and other important information.   You must be a current owner to have access to the owner portion of the website.  
Only owners are permitted to have pets. Guests and long term tenants of owners are not permitted to have pets.  All owners must register their pet with the Association.

Selling Your Unit
Unit owner's who are selling their unit either by "FSBO" or using a Real Estate Agent, must be familiar with the Resale Certificate Policy, and complete the Resale Certificate Request Form when submitting the Resale Certificate.   If you are using a Real Estate Agent, you should provide your agent a copy of the Resale Certificate Policy along with any needed forms.  

Self Renting Owners & New Rental Agents
If you are a owner that is self-renting your unit either short-term or long term, it is your responsibility to become familiar with all of the policies and the correct forms needed when renting your unit.  Some of the policies and forms include the ones located in the "Guest Visiting Silver Creek Box along with the following, which is not all inclusive.  You will need to register as a owner and gain access to the owner portal to review the other policies and forms. 
Amenity Fee Policy          
Should you have problems registering for the website you can contact either Mike Hajzer at 304 572 6952 or Sam Collins at 304 572 6955

Upcoming Events
SCA Board Meeting
Friday, May 28, 2021
Homeowners' Reception
Friday, May 28, 2021
Annual Homeowners' Meeting
Saturday, May 29, 2021