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Next Meeting of the Board
Homeowners, we would like to inform you that the Executive Board of Directors will be holding a regularly scheduled board meeting on Saturday, October 21, 2023.  The meeting will take place at 1:00 PM in the Homeowner's Association.  
This meeting aims to address important board business and receive updates from our dedicated staff and various committees.  It provides an opportunity for the board to discuss and make decisions on matters concerning our community.  
If you plan on attending the meeting, we kindly request that you notify the office in advance.  This will allow us to make appropriate seating arrangements or relocate to a larger venue if necessary.  Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.  

Policy Reminder Update
Rental Impact Fees Schedules have changed

Owners Directions To Access More Information
Silver Creek Owners REGISTER HERE to gain access to more information such as the Financials,  Governing Documents, Past Newsletters, Meeting Minutes, Contact Information and and much much more Please wait up to 48 hours for the registration to be approved, must be a current Silver Creek Owner.  Already approved? Click here to LOGIN Not approved within 48 hours, contact Mike Hajzer or Sam Collins

Parking Information
Parking Passes
Parking decals for owners are distributed every two years on the odd year in November.  The parking decal is good for a period of two years. (November 2021 new parking decals were distributed)
Friends and Family Parking Passes
Each owner is permitted to have an additional two parking passes for two (2) friends and family members that will run concurrent with the owner pass.  To obtain the two (2) friends and family passes owners must complete the Owner Decal Request Form and send back to the Association.
General Public Parking
Snowshoe rentals that are lodging at Silver Creek will obtain their parking pass at a Snowshoe Front Desk.  All other lodging guest should have been issued a parking pass when the reservation was created.  Click here for the parking map and the 2021-22 parking rates for day skiers. Click here for the Parking Pass Flow Chart. 

Pets and Emotional Support Animals
Only owners are permitted to have pets.  Rental Guest, Friends or Family and Long-Term Tenants ARE NOT permitted to have pets. Owners must pre-register their pets with the Association before the pet is permitted on property.  Click here for the Pet Policy and the Pet Registration Form.
Emotional Support and Therapy Animals  
Rental Agents including self-renting owners must inform their guest that all Emotional Support and Therapy Animals must have ALL of the proper paperwork to the Association prior entering the building. Animal will not be permitted in building without the  proper paperwork.  Rental Agents are responsible for providing the Emotional Support and Therapy Animal Form to the rental guest.  Click here for the policy.  

Owners Renting or Leasing Units
Short-Term Nightly Rentals
Owners who are renting units on a short-term basis either as a self-renting owner, or through a 3rd party rental agent MUST remit all  Rental Impact Fees to the Association in accordance with the most current Rental Impact Fee Schedule.  Currently all leasing agents except for Snowshoe Mountain Resort must use the Associations online reservation system to obtain required parking passes whether or not parking in the Silver Creek Lots per the Rental Impact Fee Policy.  
Long-Term Leases
Per the Long-Term Tenant Policy all owners renting their units on a long-term basis are responsible for remitting a monthly Rental Impact Fee.  Owners must also notify the Association and use the Association's standard lease or lease rider. 
Rental Impact Fees
Rental Impact Fees are due on all rentals except for owner stays and the (2) Friends & Family members in which the owner has authorized in advance with the Association.  When submitting the monthly Rental Impact Fee the appropriate form MUST be used 

Owners Selling Units
Selling Your Unit
All owners and Real Estate Agents are required to complete the Association's Resale Certificate Request Form when submitting a Resale Certificate to be completed by the Association.  The owner should also be familiar with the Association's Resale Certificate Policy.