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Purchasing a Condo

Are you thinking about purchasing a condo or home at Snowshoe?
The majority of the homes or condos at Snowshoe Mountain belong to a Homeowners Association.
The HOA is the governing body of the complex, that usually comprise of homeowners who have volunteered to serve on a HOA board, some of the HOA's are professional managed with a staff. 
  • All HOA's have rules, and these are usually called the covenants, conditions, and restrictions.  Some people will call this the Declarations, Bylaws, Policies and Procedures or otherwise called the Governing Documents.
  • The rules will differ somewhat from each HOA
  • Penalties can be imposed for owners that break the rules, sometimes HOA's may impose fines.
  • Everyone must belong to the HOA when they purchase their home or condo if it is part of a HOA.
  • All HOA's have some sort of dues or annual assessments.  The dues are used for the maintenance and upkeep of the common areas and amenities, sometimes included in the dues are utilities and other assessments such as the Mountain Top Assessment (Not all HOA's are required to pay the Mountain Top Assessment.
  • Another important factor of the dues is the Capital Reserve.  The Capital Reserves is an amount that is funded each year to offset future capital repairs and replacements.
  • Remember when comparing dues between the different HOA's, look at the size of the common areas, the amenities, the number of units within the HOA, the Reserves, the last time the dues were increased or a special assessment occurred.